advancedmd emr vs athena emr

AdvancedMD EMR vs Athena EMR

What is the Importance of an EHR?

These days most states in America have mandated the use of an EHR software in your medical practice. This means you need to ensure that you are employing an EHR software in your practice so that you meet the required codes set forth by authorities. An EHR software does not merely keep your patient records safe but also goes a long way in terms of helping you manage your medical practice. From simplifying billing to allowing better communication with patients; these software do it all. 


In this piece, we will be telling you about two major EHR software in the industry that you should consider. AdvancedMD EMR Software and Athena EHR; both of which are wonderful choices when it comes to an EHR software. 



Integrating different software into one is important if you want to run a medical practice efficiently. Having to update each software individually can be incredibly taxing and hence being able to integrate whichever other software you use to your EMR software can help make things much more easier. With Athena EMR, you can easily integrate your billing or practice management software into it very easily since the software is highly conducive to this and is designed in a way that this integration is fully possible as well! 

Customer Support

Another great thing about Athena EMR that you get to enjoy as an added benefit of using this software is the fact that this software allows you to access the top class customer support it has to offer. This is because with Athena EMR, you are able to connect to a customer service representative right away which allows you to mitigate whatever issue might have arised and helps you to take care of it instead of letting it fester. Having access to good customer support services is very important since it allows you to solve issues in no time at all. This means you can send complaints or access services when you have issues. All of this allows you to make things much easier for you and your medical practice! 


AdvancedMD EMR

Patient portal

The patient portal feature in AdvancedMD EMR helps you to make things a lot easier for you and your staff. This is because with this software, you have access to a patient portal feature which your patients can access too and handle their care with you remotely on their own. This means that patients can use the software to schedule their own appointments, look at their billing and much more. All of this leads to allowing you to reduce the number of responsibilities you otherwise had to handle such as scheduling patient appointments, keeping track of billing and much more. When you patients have control over their treatment with you, it also helps you to retain them for longer since they are much more likely to be happier staying at your practice. 

Centralized dashboard

The dashboard feature in AdvancedMD EMR is also one which allows for ease of use for you and your staff. The dashboard in this software is very easy to use and has a very user friendly interface. The dashboard allows for you to easily switch through various features which means you can browse the software and switch to whatever feature you need to use. Having an easy to use dashboard is very important since this means you can reduce the learning which is often associated with any new piece of technology. The centralized dashboard feature really enables you to keep things in check! 

Functions on All Operating Systems

Another great thing about AdvancedMD EMR which a lot of AdvancedMD EMR reviews also talk about as a favorite feature for many is the fact that the software is device agnostic. This means you can use the software on virtually any operating system out there. From iOS to Android to Microsoft; all these software are compatible with the EMR. A lot of software present with issues when it comes to translating the software on another device since doing this at times limits certain functionalities you would otherwise have had issues with. However, with this software you do not have to worry about that at all! 

Which Software Should you Invest in

If you are wondering whether you should take the plunge and invest in AdvancedMD EMR or in Athena EMR then we cannot make this decision for you but this is something you need to decide on your own. We suggest reading as many AdvancedMD EMR or Athena EMR reviews to know whether or not these software are even liked by their current users. 

You should also ask the vendor for a demo of the software. For example, asking for an AdvancedMD EMR demo will help you figure out whether or not the software is the right call for you. Whether you choose AdvancedMD EHR Software or perhaps Athena EMR; we hope this will be the right decision for you. 

All in all, whatever decision you come to about your software choice will be in your best interest and we hope you are able to make a decision which is the best call for you and your medical practice!