Acumen EHR; Features, Reviews and More

What is an EHR? 

Electronic health records are mandatory in several states at this point because of the uniformity they bring to a medical practice. These days electronic health records do much more than just keep your patient records secure, these go a long way in helping you to make sure you are able to execute a variety of other functions. From being able to take care of scheduling appointments in an optimum way to allowing you to make sure your billing is always correct; these software all but manage your entire practice for you. 


In this piece we will be telling you everything you need to know about Acumen EHR Software to help you decide whether or not this software is the right call for you. We will be telling you about various features, reviews and more to help you come to a final conclusion. 

What Makes Acumen a Great Choice for your Practice

Patient Portal

The patient portal feature in Acumen EHR is a game changer for the amount of convenience it brings to your practice. This feature allows you to reduce the amount of managerial work you were previously doing. If you were taking care of scheduling patient appointments, looking at billing and more then you can relax because the software does everything you need to do. This feature allows patients to log in to a portal through which they can control aspects of their treatment with you. They can schedule their own appointments, look at billing, and take care of other aspects as well. All of this helps you to reduce the number of things you were previously doing at your practice since you can relax and let your patients take charge of it themselves. 

Manage your Schedule

Managing your schedule is very important because managing your schedule well means you are able to maximize efficiency and be as productive as possible. With Acumen EHR you are able to schedule as many appointments during a day as possible which essentially means you are also maximizing your daily revenue as you are able to see more patients in your practice on average. Being productive is incredibly important when it comes to running a medical practice and with the scheduling feature in this software you are much more easily able to do so. This software allows you to send patients reminders for their appointments so that they are less likely to cancel or forget about their appointments and you as a result, are able to significantly reduce the number of no-shows at your appointments. 


Billing is another major concern at many medical practices since incorrect billing or billing which is not reimbursed causes a lot of issues. This is why we want to tell you about Acumen EHR’s billing feature which helps you take care of everything in no time at all. The feature automates several aspects of making billing which means you are able to reduce the number of errors you might have made otherwise. This allows for bills to be reimbursed much faster as well. Another great thing about this software is that the billing feature sends reminders to patients for outstanding bills and does the same for you so that the number of times bills are reimbursed is also much higher. This helps to increase the cash flow at your practice. 


Communication is another important factor in running a medical practice because you always need to ensure that you are communicating with your patients. As a medical professional you cannot afford to leave anything you say to a patient ambiguous and hence need a secure platform through which your patients can communicate with you and you can address any concerns they might have. The patient portal feature has a function which allows patients to securely communicate with you so that they can send you any questions or queries they might have and have them addressed by you directly! This also helps develop a bond between both you and your patient which plays a key role in patient retention as well. 

Clinical Notes

Another wonderful feature in Acumen EMR that we want to tell you about is the clinical notes feature for the amount of ease it brings to your practice. This feature helps you to make succinct patient notes which are perfect for giving you the gist of your patient’s case. Having perfect patient notes is very important since these notes play a key role in helping you diagnose your patients and coming up with their treatment plans. This feature is a great way for you to be able to know what you need to know, so that during a follow up appointment you merely need to skim through the notes in order to know what is necessary. 

Should you Invest in Acumen EHR

Investing in a good EHR software is imperative for the well being of your medical practice. We cannot decide for you whether an EHR software is right for your practice but we can help you come to your own conclusion. We advise that you make a list of all the features you have always wanted in an EHR and then compare that list to the features in a software as well. 

We also suggest that you read as many reviews for the software. The reviews for Acumen EMR are generally good and help you understand what current users think of the software. Currently, the consensus seems to be that everyone is recommending the software and seems to have been having a good time with it. 

We also recommend that you ask the vendor for the EHR for a demo of the software. Hence asking for an Acumen EMR Software will give you an idea about what you think of the software and whether or not it will serve you well. 

We are sure whatever decision you make about the software would have been the right call.