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9 Doctor Appointments Not To Be Skipped During Pandemic

The pandemic can be a challenging time to keep up with periodical health checkups and arrange routine appointments according to your convenience. But avoiding your regular checkups can get you into more severe health complications.

The ongoing pandemic situations and COVID 19 crisis has created havoc which has instilled a lot of fear and doubt in the minds, preventing them from visiting hospitals and doctor appointments.

But there is a convenient and simple alternative that can be explored. You can book a doctor online appointment with leading hospitals like Max Healthcare in order to take care of your health.

Appointments That You Shouldn’t Skip

Here are nine doctor appointments that you shouldn’t skip even during the pandemic.

1. Mental Health Counselling & Checkup

Social Distancing and isolation have led to an increased number of cases associated with depression, irritability, anxiety, and other conditions. If you tend to feel disturbed and clueless about your conditions – help is indeed available and you are not alone.

You can also choose to take the right step and book a doctor online appointment to solve your medical emergencies with reliable names like Max Healthcare that offer easy-to-access apps for Android and iOS.

Mental health should be a priority, and in case you’re having suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide prevention helpline for immediate help. Analyze your comprehensive research on available services and the best doctors.

2. Physical Checkup & Examination

Physical appointments are an example of periodical checkups which you should never skip amidst the pandemic. You will be well aware beforehand of any health issues with proper, timely screening and consultation.

3. Chronic Healthcare Conditions

If you are suffering from chronic healthcare conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, or cancer, there is a higher risk of exposure to COVID 19. The fear of which may lead to isolating yourself and skipping appointments. Doing so can have a severe impact on your health. It is essential to take care of yourself and keep in touch with your doctor.

4. Vaccinations

It is essential to maintain the routine vaccination track as it is crucial, and you should not skip.  Preventable diseases like shingles, measles, etc., can have a predictable rise if you suddenly skip your vaccination doses. Health professionals stress the importance of routine vaccination along with checkups.

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5. Prenatal Appointments

Visiting doctors in person may be a necessary routine for prenatal appointments, and it is essential for pregnant women not to skip their checkups. If stepping out during a pandemic is the thought that you fear, then an online consultation can save your time and keep you safe.

6. Life-Threatening Medical Emergencies

Due to COVID, the emergency rooms are occupied majorly across the nation. Health professionals are highly concerned about the severity that a heart attack or any other life-threatening disease can cause.

These situations cannot be avoided or skipped during the pandemic at any cost and require emergency treatments. If you encounter any such emergency symptoms without any further delay, you must resort to medical treatments and visit doctors.

7. Dental Checkup

A dental checkup is vital to maintaining your oral hygiene, so it is better to keep in touch and visit your dentist at least once a year.  Your dentist can determine how often you need to see by examining your reports.

Routine cleaning is beneficial to maintain healthy gums. Regular online dental checkups and early detection of any harmful cause can have a positive impact. A visual examination of the mouth, teeth, head, and neck helps detect oral cancers, severe anomalies, or cavities.

8. Dermatological Issues

Skin Cancer Foundation recommends a yearly visit strategy to the dermatologists if there is any early detection of cancer. The dermatoscopy used by a dermatologist is a valuable tool for magnifying the moles and determining if there’s something or any need for biopsy. You should immediately consult your doctor online regarding any dermatological issues.

9. Obtaining Essential Medicines

Reports show a constant fear of visiting doctors and hospitals in person during the pandemic rather than visiting any pharmacy. It may be a comfortable scenario to collect the prescription from the pharmacy.

Those who do not visit pharmacies even opt for the home delivery service for their medications. Pharmacies in the community are the most accessible and available healthcare practitioners.

They have continued to provide direct care to the patients despite restrictions imposed during the pandemic by the government. Pharmacies have considerably reduced the burden on the healthcare systems. It would be best if you did not hesitate to visit pharmacies for urgent medications and requirements.


It is essential to visit your doctors or book a doctor online appointment to address your healthcare needs. You can check out the best doctors online at Max Healthcare’s app or website. Max Healthcare is one of the best hospitals in India, which has online consultation and medical coverage plans.