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5 Things To Look At When Buying A Dash Cam

Due to the increase in the business prospects, transportation has increased. Thousands and lakhs of goods and services are being transported from one place to another. But we cannot ignore the levels of accidents commercial vehicles face. In such situations, it gets difficult to find the culprits. So here dash camera can help in solving such incidents. A dash cam is a recording device that can be attached to the windscreen, basically near the rear mirror. The dash cam will easily record and store the clips on the SD card. Also, it is a great device for fleet managers to keep their eyes on the young drivers.

It helps in recording the speed, harsh turns and exact location of the vehicle. Some of the dual-lens dash cams have the ability to record the interior of the vehicle. There are many dash cam providers in Kuwait and others countries where you can get this device very easily. Some of the basic features of a dash cam are the auto start and auto record once you start the vehicle ignition, panic button, live streaming, wide-angle lens and many more. A dash cam can be of great help in case of any accident as it acts as a silent witness. All you need to do is to buy from a reputed source that has good reviews and recommendations. Several cameras come with bespoke software which will let you view all the details captured by the dash cam. Also, it will keep you updated with the exact location of the vehicle. You can keep or delete the files as per your requirements.

Following are some of the points you should look at when buying a dash camera:

  • Image quality- This should be given utmost importance as good quality will help in coming to conclusions very easily. Make sure the model you are investing in must offer 1080p full HD. You can also view some test footage before buying to know the clarity of the image.
  • Field of view- This basically means the horizontal scope of the camera. The wider the field of view, the more it will cover the front area. The high technology-driven camera can go wide up to 180 degrees.
  • Low light conditions- Night time is the most difficult time to drive especially when it’s winters. So here it becomes necessary that you choose one which can deal well in low light conditions, picking up everything in detail. Some can even automatically change to night mode vision.
  • Loop recording- This is one of the basic features every dash cam has. But may does not have it, so avoid those. Every dash cam has a storage capacity. But once it gets filled, it will automatically delete the old ones and continue to record the new ones.
  • Built-in GPS- A dash cam with In-built GPS will help the fleet manager to know the exact date, time and location of the vehicle. This acts as great proof in a court case.

So above are some of the things to look for when buying a dash cam. You can get a high-quality dash cam from dash camKuwait at amazing prices with the best features.