Virtual Phone Number- The Full Package Deal

Virtual Phone Number- The Full Package Deal

Yes, you saw it right. The virtual phone number is a full package. Want to know how? Have a look at the vastness in the variety of features it provides-

Call Recording

The feature enables you to record calls with the actual date, time, and name of the caller. This can help in maintaining records for future use and training the employees.

Call queuing

Clients get annoyed if they have to wait due to busy signals. You can also lose a lot of customers due to this. Call queuing is a simple way to deliver good service to your customers if no one is available to answer the call at the moment. The clients can hear your personalized messages while they wait.

Call forwarding

There might be times when you could not attend a call. But the call is important and needs to be received. In such cases, you can forward the call to a fellow employee of the company to attend the call for you. The process of re-directing the calls can allow your clients to reach you even during off-hours through the landlines.

Call transferring

This feature proves to be helpful for the employees working in the company. The client can easily reach their desired representative without much explaining and briefing as the employees can transfer the call easily to their fellow mates.

Call monitoring

The business managers and heads can monitor the performance of their employees with the hel[ of this feature.

Conference Calling

The conference calling feature of the virtual phone numbers lets hundreds of people of the business join at a particular time. The meeting is conducted with ease using audio. It helps in establishing a virtual conference room.

Video Conferencing

The feature enables communication to a group of people through video. The person can not only hear each other but can also see.

International calls

Foreign calls are not that expensive when done through the virtual phone number.

Text messaging

You can send a text message through a laptop, phone, or computer.

Voicemail to text

In case you missed a call, the voicemail is sent to your device in the form of text. As soon as you read it, you can call back.

Voicemail to email

In this case, when you miss a call, the voice mail of the caller is directly transferred to your mail.

Missed-call notifications

You get notified whenever you miss a call.

Call reports

The call analytics can be done with the help of virtual phone numbers if it records all the data.

Automated attendants

Just like a virtual assistant, the automated attendant generates a machine response to all your calls and messages.

Local and toll-free numbers option

VoIP systems allow you to purchase up to 800 numbers from a single service provider. You have both the options of choosing the number according to your wish and the need of the company.

Integration with popular websites like GSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Outlook

You can easily integrate with such websites via virtual phone systems.

Get this number for your business and get benefitted from all these features. But make sure you compare the details and services from company to company, like ring central vs other service provider companies.