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Best time to visit Kuri pass


 There are two separate mountains with sunrise and sunset just after a childhood that paints a beautiful landscape. Complementing the green marshes and rivers flowing from the mountains, painted bright and wonderful skies with flying birds. It was a nice view for all of us, but unfortunately, the exotic places the movie showed us were to be despised because we never actually saw the beauty we had envisioned.

 Bienbenido treks through the kuri Pass Trek. At 12,500 meters above sea level, Kuari Pass is a unique experience unlike any other trekking route through mountains, streams, ridges and forests. Kuri pass is an unforgettable experience. From the first day before the snow-covered Nanda to the Skyline, the panoramic trekking of rich green wetlands gives the whole atmosphere, and the journey passes through various wetlands, streams, ridges, cliffs, and rivières. A simple and easy trek that includes only moderate trekking, this trekking route is a paradise for all walkers to enjoy, where you can taste all the natural flavors of the pedestrian mountain. The best time to visit the

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 Every summer, Kuri pass adds its own brushstrokes to the desired features featuring its diversity, including mountains, meadows, valleys, and streams. This is a trek suitable for all calendar months to spare the monsoon. So this is a crossover, so late winter and early summer turned out to be the best seasons.

 Spring is the most beautiful trekking course with little snow. There is a lot of snow on the pass and it is full of natural colors. In spring, you can see a stream of pale rosy azalea flowers in golden swamps and bogals, behind which the valley of the eyes. The river flirts through the melted snow and wind, and pine, oak, maple, and birch gain another vitality in the brighter spring. 

 Nature itself has a new life in spring. The sounds of birds in the forest, the snow-covered mountains after the forest and the sight of sheep grazing on the green grass give peace and peace to all travelers. At night, over the dark oak forest, the starry sky is happy in every sense with the soft sparkle of the campsite tent against the tranquility of nature.

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 Spring temperatures are not harsh at all, but the air is cold. The highest campsites, the highest temperature drops and wind chillers are very difficult and the temperatures range from plus 13 to plus 3 and from Khullara 7 to minus 5 on the lowest camper Joshimath on this trek. In addition to a stable gradual rise, it is very easy to get used to the temperature change because the slope is small. The change in temperature and steady climbing make it an ideal walk for beginners as well as hikers of all ages.

 Also an avid traveler and explorer, government diplomat Sir Curzon took a route that explored and praised the beauty of the Garwal region of the Himalayas in 1905 and gave this trek the nickname Sir Curzon Trail. The walk begins at Auri, famous for its slopes and the snow-covered views of Nandadeut 7,800 meters above sea level. The Auri view of Nandadevi is special in that it illuminates its monumental location opposite you from where you can get a clear view of the entire Nandadevi mountain from the blue sky.

 The peculiarity of this display is that you can see the entire Nanda Devi without trees or green spaces, and you can see the white peak just in front of the green fields of the meadow. Trekking is beautifully snow-covered and offers mountaintop views with unusually isolated views of mountains like Dronagiri Mountain, Neelkanth Mountain and Hathi Ghoda Mountain. Features of Kuary Pass Trek. Not only that, you can get up close to the mountains directly opposite the valleys that stand out on other trails.

It is magical to see oak forests in the snow. Normally, our mind causes the picture of the pine forest in the snow. But here’s different. 

 When snow falls through the oak forest, almost as if they were the sheets on the tree. It feels like only red balls missing to complete the interface.  

 In addition to the appearance, Kuari Pass Trek has an interesting landscape with oak forests that merge into the meadow. In contrast to steep forest parts on Roopkund and Brahmatal Trek is gradually becoming. So it’s like a shallow oak forest in which you can appreciate beauty. And this part is not very long. They have caught it on the 3rd andest day of the trip about an hour and two hours.