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What to Look for in an IT Company for your Business

Looking for business IT support it can be daunting, especially if your business hasn’t implemented many IT-based solutions before. And on top of that, every month or so it seems a new technology is being released that can make your life easier (or so it may seem). Many companies find themselves in this position, this article aims to help you find out how you can go about finding the right fit and business IT support company for you.


This factor has more importance than anything else, when evaluating what provider to opt for your business. Ultimately it doesn’t just depend on the amount you spend and also making sure you get value for money. One provider might charge less but offer less for that amount or vice versa. You need to look at exactly what service you will get for the money you are being charged. It pays to shop around and ask for quotes, as you’ll get an idea what are the industry norms for price and work out what you want and what’s worth paying for your business.


Word of mouth is still the best way of learning about some great companies and what they can provide. If you know businesses in similar circumstances such as yourself ask them who would they recommend. Online reviews are also a great way to find out what IT service providers are worth the cost to hire their services.

Keep in mind when you are looking at referrals online, or even from friends or colleagues, who the person is who wrote the recommendation. If it is a large company and your’s is a small business with a smaller amount of staff you might want to look at whether your needs are similar or quite different. Also if you see a review from someone in a different industry than you, for example, if you run a bakery and they run a doctors surgery your IT needs are going to be quite different. This is not to say that these referrals are useless but check whether the recommended company can provide bespoke services to you rather than a one size fits all approach. The best companies can service a variety of industries and businesses regardless of size.

What do they specialise in?

Double-check what main products the company in question offers you and what their specialist services are. This is quite important if, for example, your entire office runs on Apple and the service you are considering has only specialists in PCs with Windows software. These days it’s not usually the case that specialists are so limited but it’s worth asking. It’s also worth paying a bit extra if you have an IT service provider that completely understands your technology regardless of the tech company.

Also, does the IT company primarily cater to large businesses? Some businesses only want larger contracts to devote their resources to. If so they may not be able to or want to give your business the time of day. This can lead to frustration and alienation on your part and with a bad view on the business itself.

Support and availability

Carefully consider the package you are considering for your business, in terms of support after you employ them. This means after you have implemented the new IT solutions with your new IT business support provider. If you have an issue that affects the day to day operations of your business will your chosen provider be able to provide all the technical support that you need at no extra charge on the monthly fee? And do they have 24-hour tech support? Many problems do seem to happen on a Friday or on a weekend when many services are typically closed. Another thing to consider is do you really need the package they are offering? A 24-hour tech support service is great if you frequently work past regular business hours but if you don’t and won’t be using it, it could be a waste of money. You need to weigh up your needs against your potential IT providers services.

Will they keep you updated with the newest technology news and recommendations? This can be helpful if you are in retail. There seems to be a new way to pay for services all the time so scanners now need RFID capability and there may be other technology advances coming soon! A company that keeps up to date and keeps yourself up to date is a great company and one worth considering. There are many variables to consider when looking for the right provider but when you consider the above factors many of your questions will be answered and you will be much closer to choosing an reliable business IT support provider.