5 Vital Elements Editors Look For Before Publishing Your Personal Essays

Do you have an amazing story in your mind? Are you contemplating whether it is a personal essay material- the type of essay that editors might actually pay you money to publish?

The demand for narrative and non-fiction continues to grow with each passing year. Both personal essays and memoirs provide us with glimpses into another’s life that may be incredibly similar to or entirely distinct from our own. It is wise to write an outstanding personal essay that captivates the attention of the editors and compels them to publish it immediately.

If it is a tip in either direction, the result can be an oversharing author, a long-winded post, or an unenthusiastic group of audience. But, if you get it right, higher chances are that it can prove  a rewarding experience for both the readers and the essay writer.

In today’s blog post, we will walk you through those essential elements that editors and literary agents look for in your personal essay that can help your story resonate with your Assignment help readers.

Crucial Elements Editors Desire To See In Your Personal Essay Before Publishing

  • Immensely Moving Plot

Know that a static story is dry as dust. It is exactly the opposite of what your editors will want to see in the pitch or your final draft.  In the opinion of Owen Thomas, the editor of ‘The Christian Science Monitor’s The Home Forum’, “It has to go somewhere; there has to be a journey of some kind. It cannot be a simple description or a mere nostalgia.”

Jennifer Blyer, the editor who chooses pieces for Psychology Today’s Two-Minute Memoir section recommends, “when you are stuck on a plot, ensure to ask yourself what kind of personal experience or incidents have transformed you.” She always goes for those plots that have a well-structured transformation, complete with a beginning, middle, and an end.

  • Distinctive Voice

An original voice is a prerequisite in a personal essay. Innumerable editors seem to receive stories about dysfunctional childhoods, cheating spouses, addiction recovery, and more. If you also do the same, it is time to stand out now! With a distinctive voice, you can save your story from landing in the reject pile with thousands of other similar stories. If the story isn’t unique, the voice must absolutely be.

  • Fresh Take On Trend

In your personal essay, remember your primary objective is to present a new take on what everyone’s already talking about. Editors always remain excited to publish essays that demonstrate an unexplored aspect of a topic that’s been discussed a lot. James Lang, famous for his quality write my assignment  services, says that he recently published a piece by a writer who had worked as a pole dancer and a topless housecleaner and enjoyed herself thoroughly. In his opinion, the idea of a sex worker only a victim changed completely in his head.

  • An Outstanding And Unique Hook

It is always wise to determine why anyone should read your story. Try to figure out what are the aspects that make your story distinct and worth reading. You may be saying, “I grew up in a shack near the sea”.  So, did lots of other people. However, if you grew up around the sea and came up with the idea for the very first cocktail, ‘Sex on the Beach’, then that’s your hook. Once you choose a hook, it will become incredibly to make your readers care about you and your story.

  • Broader Views On The Mundane

In a personal essay, any common experience can turn to be exciting and pivotal, but only if the writer ties it into a bigger picture. Make sure to write a detailed scene on any subject, whether it be cleaning kitchen knives. Especially while you were cleaning your kitchen knives, if you realised you should end your toxic relationship.

Remember, editors can easily name the topics they have seen a billion times and aren’t enthusiastic to see it again unless you bring something new to the table. While writing, try to focus on those subjects that are extremely traumatic. This is mainly as it takes a lot to write an essay about these life-changing subjects and make them stand out.

Here’s hoping this guide was helpful enough to get you through the essential elements you must keep handy. With these aspects, you will be better prepared to pitch your personal essay- and see it published at a higher level!

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