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Create a Custom Payment Gateway in 2021 for Esteemed Market Results

In today’s modern era, every domain is gradually shifting towards digitisation. The payment sector is the same, as nowadays, businesses and stores offer digital payment solutions to customers. Due to the eCommerce sector’s surging prevalence, the trend has become a norm.

Using digital payment systems also cater to modern consumers who prefer convenience and efficiency over everything. With the global payment sector experiencing such developments, tools like payment gateway solutions are pivotal for online stores.

A payment gateway solution facilitates online payments, simplifying the entire shopping experience. Given its popularity, numerous companies offer ready-made gateway payment services. While most businesses opt for them, some try to build custom payment gateways for better results.

While the method can be expensive, it proffers adequate outputs too. So how can a custom payment gateway be built? Let’s find out.

What is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateways are software that allows vendors to accept payments at both payment points and online stores. An ideal payment gateway must offer the following features –

  • Data Security and Privacy
  • 24/7 Functionality
  • Fraud Detection
  • Multiple Payment Solutions

Getting a Payment Processing License

Before understanding how to develop a custom payment gateway, you need to understand how to get a PSP (Payment Service Provider) license. Alongside an application and some documents, your business should also meet the following criteria:

  • A resident among the company directors.
  • The business must have a decent financial reputation.
  • There should be a physical office within the country.
  • The business must not violate the laws.
  • A limit of monthly turnover as per the regulator’s requirements.

How to Create a Custom Payment Gateway Solution

While the web is filled with white label payment gateways, they might not bode well with your business. Under such scenarios, developing a custom payment gateway remains the sole solution. The method incurs heavy expenses but provides quality output and eliminates costs like processing fees.

If executed properly, a custom payment gateway can quickly cover the development cost. Here are the most popular programming languages used to develop custom payment gateway solutions in 2021:


Developed in 1994, PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages even today. The language can be used to develop any IT project and offers advantages like:

  • High work speed for better performance.
  • Smooth multitasking and diverse use cases.
  • Scalability and portability to match any business.
  • Robust functionality leading to quality performance.
  • Cost-saving and efficient.


Python is a seasoned programming language used in multiple instances. It is the most popular alternative to create custom payment gateway services due to benefits like:

  • It’s easy to learn, even for beginners.
  • Offers versatility with its extensive library.
  • Creates strong and organised codes for enhanced performance.

C Language

C language is also a universal programming language used to develop robust projects. Its vast accessibility, portability, and versatile use make it a popular choice among programmers.

  • Proposes an esteemed memory allocation.
  • Currently, the quickest high-level programming language globally.
  • Simplifies the development process of complex programs.
  • Offers features of both low and high-level languages.

In Conclusion

Offering a digital payment solution is crucial for every business nowadays. Due to its popularity, companies like Wibmo offer quality online payment suites. However, businesses can develop a custom payment solution too. This article has specified how payment gateways can be created, so read through it and equip yourself for the digital age.