How To Throw A Ninja Star Expertly 

Mastering any unique craft can be a challenge that takes time and effort. When it comes to learning a new weapon that’s also complicated and dangerous, it’s a different game. The same is the case with the unique and mysterious ninja star. Many professional martial artists shy away from using this weapon lightly. But there is no denying that it is far up on the list of cool weapons that continue to amaze. With that being said, no tool or weapon is too hard to master if you put enough effort into it. 

If you are a martial arts fan or an aspiring trainee, you will know for sure the thrill of the ninja star. It is no ordinary weapon that anyone can use and can just fling about. It is incredibly complicated and can be potentially harmful if not used correctly. Most ninja stars have 5-point steel blades that look like a snowflake. The blades are incredibly sleek and quite sharp, so they have to be handled with care. But with the right kind of training and practice, you can throw ninja stars expertly. 

Some Tips And Tricks To Mastering The Ninja Throwing Star

When dealing with an unusual weapon of any kind, you need to take caution. As an amateur, you should be wary of toying around with it, especially if it has five sharp edges. In the case of the ninja star, there are a few things that are very important to remember. You have to develop a good target-shooting skill to throw with precision. You also have to make sure that you have a firm grip on the star and know how to fling it properly. 

It is very important when training with a ninja star to take proper safety measures. You can’t afford to lose focus, especially during the target practice stage. But there are some basic things you can follow to avoid any accidents. 

  1. When you start your training, try hitting targets on a board with darts first. The more you finesse your aim, the better your trajectory will get. 
  2. Once you improve your target practice, you can start by managing a rubber or wooden star. This is the preliminary stage where you have to find your pace and learn the technicality. 
  3. After that, you can start to train with a real ninja star for perfecting your aim and throwing technique. It’s ideal to use a dartboard or open ground to fling the stars when practicing. 
  4. You can also use archer’s targets and practice in the woods for safety and more room. Flinging a throwing star is based on distraction and diversion, so the more you practice, the better it’ll be. 
  5. The best thing about a ninja star is that you can be stealthy with it. So the more creatively you train, the more mastery you will achieve over it. 

Throwing Weapons – Then and Now 

As mesmerizing as they might be, it’s a fair point to question how relevant ninja weapons are now. In this age of technological weapons and gadgets, you don’t need to rely on abstract devices. But the beauty and continued appreciation of ninja stars doesn’t stem from their effectiveness as weapons. They are and were never meant to be used for killing, fighting, or combat. The real allure behind the ninja stars is their mysterious and stealthy nature. 

Despite not being ideal for actual warfare or combat, they are pretty nifty and potent tools. When it comes to self defense and fair play, distraction and aversion are just as important as attack. Ninja stars embody that characteristic by being the tools of misguidance. 

In ancient Japan, ninjas were mercenaries and agents who fought against the military tyrannous regime. Their weapons were meant to be used discreetly and with expert stealth. And to this day, they are ideally suited for activities that require the same precision and secrecy. Nowadays, ninja stars have four major attractions for people who want to master them. 

  • The first is learning precision and target shooting. They used ninja stars as a way to improve their aim and learn it as a sport like archery. 
  • The second reason is to use this unique craft for hunting. It’s a real-life implication of learning to fling ninja stars, to hunt with more energy and precision. 
  • The third reason that people often try to learn them, especially in martial arts, is for self defense. Ninja stars can be potentially lethal if they are flung directly at open flesh. Even though it’s not the smartest and most efficient way of protection, you can still use it to your advantage. 
  • The last motivation for buying and using cool ninja stars is to show off. There is no denying that mastering something as unique as throwing weapons is impressive. Thousands of people have developed a liking for ninja weapons through films and games. That means that there’s also a huge fan base of martial arts weapon collectors. They look out for and collect the most dazzling weapons and ninja stars are high on that list.

Get Real Throwing Stars In The United States

The hype around cool ninja weapons has not died down in all this time. They are still just as loved, possibly more, than they were when they were tools of survival. There is a greater appreciation for these unique weapons since they are now iconic and classic. And their prevalent popularity means that you can find them in the United States pretty easily.

If you are looking for ninja stars for training, you’ll find them at martial arts equipment stores. There might also be a selection at your major local sports good stores. But if you are looking for truly impressive and cool ninja stars for your collection, turn to the internet. 

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