Back To School After Covid-19  With All Safety Measures  

Children are excited to go back to their wonderful school after so long and to play and enjoy with their peers. All children are welcomed in Little Minds Nursery, the best nursery in Dubai by following all the safety measures and guidelines approved by the UAE Government.


Following are the safety guidance launched by the UAE government to reopen the school.

It is compulsory to wear a mask:

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, all children, teachers, and parents must wear masks. Children prefer to wear an elastic-tight mask because they are easier to wash and easier to change in comparison to irritating, slippery, surgical masks. Babies younger than two years of age are not going to wear a mask because there is a chance of choking them. 


Hand washing and using hand sanitizer: 

As being the best play school in Dubai our priority is always to follow the health and hygiene guidelines to keep our kids safe from this deadly virus on the school premises. We will train and encourage the children to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, particularly before and after meals. Every area contains a large poster that outlines the steps for hand washing and keeping them safe.  


Sterilization and cleaning: 

The most critical factors to avoid this infectious disease are perfect cleaning and sterilization. So, we will ensure proper cleaning of all the school premises such as classrooms, toilets, the reception and the common areas with the use of best quality soap/detergent and water. 

The frequently touched surface and items will be sanitized or disinfected on the regular basis including toys, tables, door pads, playgrounds, hands-on learning items, benches, door handles, diaper changing stations, etc.

We have also placed the best quality hand sanitizers throughout the school premises.


On arrival check for temperature: 

Upon arrival at the school premises, a digital thermometer is used to monitor the temperatures of all staff and children. Nobody with a 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher fever will be allowed to come in and return to their home.


Area for isolation: 

If we find a child sick during the day, he/she will be separated from healthy children in a different area before his parents pick them up. 


Avoid to touch: 

On the first day of reopening, kids will be given basic training, such as not to touch their eyes, nose, mouth, hug, handshake, etc. 

To prevent disease transmission, the insulating space will be fully washed and disinfected.


Maintain social distance: 

The design of Little Nursery School which is the best nursery in Dubai has been reorganized. In every classroom, only ten children can be fitted, which will help to maintain the social distance. The children will be at least 1.5 meters away from other children and teachers. We have designed the sitting area in such a way that will make it easier to maintain the proper distance. 


If anyone is sick, stay at home: 

Ill children or with other COVID-19 symptoms need not go to school. In Little Minds Nursery, the best nursery in Dubai, teachers are specifically advised to check symptoms of contagious illness in every student’s classroom.  


Negative test results required for school entry: 

We are making sure that all teachers, administrative staff, drivers, and safety workers have access to the negative COVID-19 test results. Without a valid COVID-19 negative test result to protect a fair and healthy atmosphere, we will not allow someone to join the school. Parents must also request to show a negative test report during their visit to our school. Your contribution will be grateful.


We know it is very challenging for parents and students to return to school. Specific health and security standards for protecting students and employees will be followed in our school to prevent this infectious virus. Please talk to our teachers to find out more about how we come towards health, safety, and what you can do to play your part if you are worried about sending your children. Everybody has to be healthy at Little Minds Nursery, the best preschool in Dubai.