Find these Best Practices to Ace the Board Exams

The most memorable moment in a student life is when they ace an exam. If you feel that you do not have it in you to score well for the board exams, this article might prove you wrong. If you feel that following these instructions is not for you, do remember that your scores could well be at stake here. So, ask yourselves the right questions and read up our tips and tricks to score well in the board exams, be it Classes 10 or 12. 


Why be nervous and find it frustrating to prepare for board exams, when our tips might serve your best? So, with this article, you can learn the strategies to crack the CBSE board 10th Class or the Class 12 board exams. Here, we will also take a look at how the study materials can help ease the burden for you. 

Top Strategies to Ace The Board Exams 

One reason why you fail to score well despite knowing the answers is that your answer paper is not structured well. Make sure all the points in the answers are clear and arranged in chronological order. The answers should not be too long-winded and should be to the point unless the opposite has been asked for. Some other tips to follow include: 


  • Study well and be prepared for the board exams
  • Consistent hard work is the key to success 
  • Time management is a crucial aspect of exams 
  • Go through all the study material in detail 
  • Understand and learn the key points thoroughly before exams 
  • Make notes of the formulas, important theorems and topics to revise 
  • Do not leave anything for the last minute to study 
  • Face the exam with confidence and a calm mind 

Crucial Study Materials for Classes 10 and 12 Students

For any of the board exams, from the CBSE to State Board or ICSE/ ISC, the exam papers are mostly created based on the key topics from the respective prescribed textbooks. Hence, in case you are a CBSE student, you are required to be through with the NCERT textbooks, if you wish to perform well in the board exams. Meanwhile, in this article find the list of resources considered most eligible for you to ace the board exams. 


  • First and foremost the school textbooks
  • Additional reference materials 
  • Solutions and Exemplar questions 
  • Previous year question papers 
  • Sample papers and mock tests
  • Study and revision notes 


From this article, it is clear that you need to be well-prepared for the board exams. Brilliant performance and stress do not go hand in hand. Hence, you are advised to approach the exam paper without any fear. You can take help to prepare for the Class 12 board exams by solving a lot of CBSE Question Papers for Class 12. You can solve these questions on your own at first and then refer back to the solutions to gauge your performance. 


Question papers are considered as the ultimate resource for you to prepare most competently for your board exams, as these questions are most likely to be repeated in the board exams. You will also get an overview of the question paper pattern and marks distribution by practising these question papers. Hence, you only have to make sure that you are thorough with the subjects and are ready to face the exam confidently. If you follow these points diligently, academic success is most likely to be yours in no time at all.