How do you purchase eyewear from an optician shop? Usually, we try one after one to ensure that it suits the personality. The same thing buyers want to ensure while purchasing eyewear online.

SmartBuyGlasses shares an article on how face shapes play an important role to select any eyewear glasses. This article will help you to purchase designer eyeglasses that add essence to your look, read on.

Whatever glasses you choose or wear, will define your personality. they will become your style statement. Glasses that work for celebrities or your friends, may not work for you.

The selection will depend upon your face shape.

 To find out the shape of your face, look in the mirror; with a soap bar outline the face shape. After completing the process, look at the shape that you have drawn and classify the shape into round, square, oval, and heart.

 Square face shape

Look into the mirror. If your face has a strong jaw, the same width as the forehead, and your cheeks and other face sides are straight then, you have a square face shape. If you have a square face shape, choosing softer and rounder glasses to balance the features would perfectly work.

 Oval face shape

Face cut with the same width of jawline and forehead. Plus, slightly rounded jawline and a longer face means you have an oval face. This is the most versatile face shape. There isn’t any bar. You can choose almost any shape but remember, do not wear oversized frames.

 Heart face shape

Do you have stand-out cheekbones, a broad forehead and a narrow jaw? If so, then you have a heart-shaped face. You should choose soft shapes as it will look great. Also, try to avoid rectangular frames which will highlight the width of your cheeks. Make sure to avoid heavy or bold styles.

 Round face shapes

If the width and length of your face is the same then, it is the round face shape. It is preferable to choose angular frames such as rectangular or square frames that can add dimension to the outlook. Never pick the round frames.


The rule of thumb is, choose an angular pair of frames if you have a softer face shape. And/ or, choose softer frame styles that can complement if you have a robust face shape. Once you know your face shape, it will become easy to select the frame that enhances your entire look.

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