10 ways to find blogging content ideas (detailed instructions)

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As a full-time blogger, has written thousands of blog posts, and the biggest question we get is: How do find we’re blogging content ideas?

Many of you also ask other questions like:

  • Where to find content ideas to always have new blog posts?
  • How to have good blog post ideas, attractive and right for readers’ needs?
  • What are content ideas finders?

In this article, I will help you find the answer.

The ultimate goal is to help you learn how to find blogging content ideas so that you don’t get stuck in ideas.

Don’t forget the following content ideas not only apply to articles, but you can completely use them for videos, for your podcasts too.

The secret to finding blogging content ideas: Derived from the question!

Any article idea comes from the question. That question could be from yourself, or from your readers on the blog.

Blog to help readers solve a problem. So to find article ideas, you just need to stem from the question.

The most realistic example:

  • You are reading this simply because you do not know how to find blogging content ideas? Have you been asking the question before coming to this article: How to find content ideas?
  • That’s how we started building this article’s idea, it comes from your question
  • I wrote this article a day when she was in a state of mystery, not knowing what to write. And  own question at that time was: How to find article ideas for the blog?

And so this article was born because we are also looking for the answer for ourselves.

So we have one secret to help you find blogging content ideas: Always think about the problem your target audience is facing. Then start with the question that solves that problem!

(Sometimes the question could also be from you or from your blog’s target audience)

10 ways to find content ideas for blogging

  1. Find content from industry blogs

Many people call this way of searching for content ideas analyzing competitors in the same niche. This is the most popular way of finding content ideas that content creators and bloggers often adopt.

Usually, when you work in a certain field, you will often have the habit of reading and following major websites/blogs in the same industry.

However, if you are new to the field, you probably do not know how to find ideas, below is how to help you.

Step 1: Use Google

  • Use Google to find blogs in the same niche. Simply type in the keywords you’re interested in or use the “blog + niche” search structure.
  • However we recommend you to use the keyword search in English, you will find more quality blogs from foreign bloggers. For example “best blog + travel”.

Step 2: Follow them regularly using Feedly.com

There are many ways for you to keep track of blogs in the same industry, the simplest you can use the bookmark function on the browser to create different folders.

However, there is a more professional way is to use Feedly.com, which is a website that allows you to follow all websites/blogs through an RSS feed.

You can also sort and divide by specific categories and categories. Every day you just need to visit Feedly and see updates from these blogs.

Go to Feedly first, then create a free account. Immediately enter keywords related to the idea you are looking for, or directly enter the domain name of the blog, the brand name of the blogger you want to track.

Soon Feedly will find it for you, click Follow and Add to a specific directory.

Now every day you can go to “Today” to read and update all the latest content from the blogs you are following. From these posts, you will discover and search for a myriad of article ideas for your blog.

Also want to see the latest posts from a particular blog you just need to go to the directory and then select the saved blog name. You will see all of their latest content.

We often have a habit of visiting Feedly every day to update and find content ideas for ourselves by following popular blogs. From their own content, you will have a lot of your own ideas, in addition, you also learn their content development strategy.

  1. Use Google Search Box & related suggestions

Users care what, they will go to Google to find it. So you can completely use the search function on Google to find content ideas for yourself.

Have you noticed that when you type any keyword, topic into the Google search box, you will receive related suggestions immediately?

You will get a lot more related suggestions at the bottom of the page, based on this you will get a lot more articles. For example, when we search the keyword “find content ideas” there will be more topics for the article “content ideas”.

Or another article in the future will be “content article types” … click next, we will find a series of content ideas as shown below.

As we continue like this, we are sure you will never worry about the idea of ​​writing content for the blog!

  1. Use Google image suggestions

Google allows you to search by image, and attach a lot of keywords related to that image.

Simply go to https://images.google.com/, then enter the subject you want to search for ideas for.

Immediately you will see a lot of related keywords suggested.

For example, if you own a blog on the topic of weight loss jobs. Your search for ideas for “weight loss pills” and soon you will see the keyword “Chinese medicine”; “Slim” …

Now you can combine them into ideas for some articles like:

  • 5 ways to lose weight with traditional herbs
  • Are slim weight loss pills good? Where to buy Slim medicine?

Note, Google currently displays product/service ads in image search as well. And it is the advertising products that are extremely expensive content ideas for you.

Remember that almost all advertisers do research on the market and keywords before deciding to spend money on advertising. So which product is being advertised proves the market is in need and the user is willing to pay for it.

And if you create content that is directly related to your product, chances are you will also reach a lot of customers, generating a lot of conversions.

  1. Use AnswerThePublic

This is my favorite tool used every day to find article content ideas. Simply go to AnswerThePublic.com then enter the main keyword related to the topic you are looking for in content ideas.

For example with the topic of weight loss.

Right after that, you will receive a lot of questions that users are wondering about weight loss issues such as: Is it good to lose weight with sweet potatoes, like slim weight loss pills?….

  1. Find content ideas with ExplodingTopics

Finding a good article idea, but if the article’s content is not interested in anyone, it is not necessarily good, so you need to know that the content is in an up or downtrend?

Explodingtopics.com is a tool that will both help you come up with good content ideas, but will also help you see what content trends look like?

Enter a topic you want to evaluate and then you will see a trend chart, and you will also discover interesting content related ideas.

As shown in the picture below, I m looking for an internal idea for the topic “Content Marketing” and immediately gets an idea for “Podcast Marketing” on an increasing topic.

  1. Readers’ comments

Reader’s blog comment section is where you find lots of new content ideas to write every day.

In the picture above you can see that I received a question related to the lifetime affiliate programs in the comments.

And of course, that question is a suggestion to me about the idea of ​​5-step video content affiliate marketing with lifetime commission pay programs.

Also, do not forget to follow the comments of other blogs in the same industry, there you will find a lot of questions. From those questions, you can completely build your own content ideas.

  1. Search in groups – forums

Groups and forums can be said to be a gold mine of content ideas that you can mine from day today.

There you will find a series of questions, related questions that the members asked. From the very questions, that problem you will not only build quality content but also very close to the demand.

Look for Facebook groups, Q&A forums, and join them as a member.

You will discover many very valuable things, for example in the image above I noticed that the problem people often discuss is how to generate income with content writing. And so the article guiding how to make money by writing profession was born.

How to find content ideas is here, right?

  1. On Youtube channel

Youtube is a tool that helps you find content topics, content ideas that you must definitely use.

Here you will see a lot of suggestions for relevant content when you type anything in the search box. These are the things that users are looking for, most interested in in your niche.

With these suggestions, you will develop a lot of interesting articles and content.

Also, another way to find content ideas is from videos on competitors’ channels. Still, with the beauty weight loss example, go to your competitor’s channel then arrange to show the most popular videos.

Soon after, you will see the videos that are most interested in, watching the most. Please refer to and build content on your blog, on your youtube channel, podcast channel, or even use your Facebook content ideas!

  1. Use Google Search Console

Another tool to help you find content ideas is Google Search Console. This is the tool that any blogger should use to track the search queries readers come to your blog.

You just need to go to “Performance” -> “Search Results” here you will see all the queries that users have found and come to read the content of your blog.

From these queries, you will know what type of content to focus on? What are users really most interested in on your blog?

In addition, to discover more ideas, you can enter a specific query into the filter as shown below. Soon Google Search Console will show you more interesting content related ideas.

  1. No need to find content ideas because …

… It’s right in your blogging journey!

During your blogging journey, you will have lots of content ideas related to your own story. It could be the milestones, it could be the updates of your own observations.

These content ideas usually will not take you long to find, it will naturally appear.

I also encourages you to specialize in sharing and building these types of content because this is your most special thing, this is your story that readers will not be able to find anywhere else.

Bonus: Stop writing to… read the book

Reading is a way to find ideas that I often applies. Each book will contain many good ideas that sometimes you won’t find them anywhere.

In fact, I have built a lot of articles just by reading books, while reading books can come up with extremely unique content ideas!


Above are 10 ways to find blogging content ideas that I just shared for you. Hopefully, with this article, you have added new ways to always have more content ideas.

Are you using any of the above ways to find content ideas?

Or if you have your own way, don’t forget to share with me in the comments section below!