Things to remember while running influencer marketing campaign

 Influencer marketing has emerged off late as one of the leading channels of promotion and outreach. In this article, we will point out certain factors digital marketers should account for while running an influencer marketing campaign.

 Influencer Marketing

Body: The term ‘influencer marketing’ is relatively new, bandied about more in recent years than before with the rise of social media. In truth, the principles of influencer marketing have long been around. Traditional marketing used influencer marketing by recruiting film stars, cricketers, and other celebrities as brand ambassadors. The principle involved was still the same. 

In present times, the term ‘influencer’ has widened to include various other types of individuals. While it earlier meant only the top echelon of celebrities, influencers can now be social media personalities, YouTubers, thought leaders, and industry leaders. Studies have infact shown that the average young consumer today relates more to social media personalities than mega-celebrities.

Thus, the value of having online celebrities as influencers has changed the influencer marketing ball game. In this article, we go through the things digital marketers should consider while running an influencer marketing campaign.

Choose the influencers wisely 

Making sure the right influencer promotes a brand is the most crucial part of any modern digital marketing campaign. 

The right influencer can mean many things. Most of all, the right influencer is someone that can reach the target audience and actually influence them. For instance, if a company is selling something to a senior audience, reaching out to young Instagram celebrities as influencers may not be the best idea.

The only quality of an influencer is not merely his/her reach, but also their ability to attract an audience which is likely to have a positive influence on a marketing campaign. The influencer should also be adept at communicating in the medium which is most preferred by the target audience. For example, someone promoting a book is more likely to approach an established author for being an influencer. 

An ineffective influencer can suck the oxygen out of a typical influencer marketing campaign is never beneficial to the brand in question. Thus, the most important part of an influencer marketing campaign is finding the right people to promote a product. 

Make sure influencers connect with the product

When an influencer promotes a product, it should ideally seem natural and organic. Forced promotion can seem like an advertisement which is not what an ideal influencer marketing campaign is about.

For e.g. a social media celebrity famous for being an influencer for accessories-based brands is not an ideal match to promote a sports-apparel brand. The obvious reason is that the target audience is not the same, but another major reason to avoid such a situation is that the influencer won’t be able to connect with the product on a personal level. 

The ideal influencer is someone who can easily connect with the product and genuinely promote the product to their many followers and fans.

Find influencers with a wide network

The dream scenario for any influencer marketing campaign is the possibility of their chosen influencer ending up influencing other influencers in the business.

Such influencers capable of impacting their colleagues in the industry are hard to find, but they do present an incredible opportunity for the brands they associate themselves with. Furthermore, brands associated with popular influencers are more likely to onboard other famous influencers to their brand.

Influencer ROI

Every influencer marketing campaign has to work towards a goal. While there are some influencers who are worth the money being spent on them, there are others who may not be able to provide a sizable ROI. 

Generally, influencers with the largest following tend to charge the most. Depending on the size of the brand itself, digital marketers have to choose influencers who would have a high ROI. 

For small brands, investing the entire budget on an expensive influencer might not be the brightest idea. A lot of subjective factors come into consideration in the process that is the reason  i recommend you to join best digital marketing course for learning how it all works or you can also join my online digital marketing training program.