Huawei Honor Magic Earbuds Review: Noise Cancellation Earphone with Low Budget

In the first morning of Gregorian calendar month 25th, Honor control a worldwide on-line launch in Barcelona, Spain, and formally launched a series of recent products, together with the respect Magic Earbuds. It’s price noting that, Honor Magic Earbuds is truly Honor Flypods 3, that was antecedently discharged in China. Honor Magic Earbuds within the look of the little figure is sort of the dimensions of lipstick, and also the functions similar to active noise reduction, bit control and different functions are available, and the worth is just 129 euros. therefore is that this latest Honor Magic Earbuds worth buying? Please scan on!

Honor Magic Earbuds Appearance: Small size, and even ignore its existence

Honor Magic Earbuds as a true wireless Bluetooth headset, it is very small in size. The size of the whole charging box is only the size of a girl’s lipstick, no matter it is a coat or pants, it can fit in any pocket. The weight of the whole earbuds and charging box is only 51g, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it at all.

In the design of a single earphone, the headset of Honor Magic Earbuds adopts the in-ear design, and the main body of the headphone is shaped like a cone, which fits the outline of the ear and not easy to fall in strong sports.

In addition, the earplugs are available in four sizes, you can choose the right size to wear. What’s more, each earphone weighs only 5g, and it doesn’t feel cumbersome to wear on your ear. When you wear it for a long time, you may forget that you are still wearing headphones.

Honor Magic Earbuds (FlyPods 3) Battery Life: 4.5 Hours Music Time

Honor Magic Earbuds uses Type-C interface design, supports fast charging technology, and can be used for nearly an hour and a half in quarter-hour charging. The battery life is up to 4.5 hours once being absolutely charged.

Honor Magic Earbuds (FlyPods 3) Sound Quality: Supports Noise-cancelling

The headphones of the respect FlyPods 3 are terribly tiny in size however have this very powerful configuration in such a fragile body.

In the compact body of Honor FlyPods 3, the 10mm large-size moving coil unit is added. Compared with constant generation products, the dimensions of the moving coil unit is sort of associate order of magnitude ahead. Once taking note of music, particularly when listening to music with a robust sense of rhythm, the impact of bass is additional prominent, and within the movies with brilliant scenes, the communicative  force of sound effects also will be more shocking.

In addition, the sound quality of Honor Magic Earbuds has been professionally adjusted by Huawei Audio Lab, that is clearer in the common a part of the voice, whereas the music performance are going to be more solid.

One of the most important highlights of Honor Magic Earbuds ought to be the dual active noise reduction function. On every telephone receiver of the FlyPods3, there are 2 noise reduction mikes, the outer microphone captures the close noise outside the ear, and also the inner noise reduction microphone captures the redundant noise within the ear willal. the mix of the 2 noise reduction technologies can greatly cut back the interference of noise.

In practice, on the thanks to commute, the noise reduction impact of Honor FlyPods3 can defend the low-frequency noise of the vehicle to a good extent, similar to the roar of the engine, the tire noise then on.

As for the published station, the case within which friends are talking can still be detected in noise reduction mode, in order that the situation of missing the station while not being heard is avoided.

When i’m on a business trip, I think it’s most crucial for headphones to scale back noise, as a result of the roar of craft engines or the superb sound of high-speed rail is extremely harsh for a number of hours of the journey. Therefore once sporting Honor FlyPods 3, consistent with the official statement, the noise reduction impact of headphones will reach-32dB. In my actual experience, once I take the train, I can exhaustingly hear the rumbling noise whereas driving, and my ears are cleaner.

Even in places like low outlets and libraries, it is hard to avoid the sound of speech communication or different noises, so such a real wireless Bluetooth noise reduction headset brings us a more immersive music experience.

Not only the noise reduction effect is good when wearing, but also the noise reduction effect of Honor FlyPods 3 microphone is very good when talking on the phone. In addition, on the Honor FlyPods 3, each headset has three MEMS microphones. When we are on the phone, we often can’t hear each other clearly because of the noise around us, so two of these three microphones pick up your voice outside. The other is to pick up the voice transmitted by the bone on the inside so that the voice can be transmitted additional clearly throughout the call.

Honor Magic Earbuds (FlyPods 3) Usability

As a itinerant connection, Bluetooth headset, of course, not solely carries the operate of taking note of music and look movies, it’s also the doorway for America to act with the mobile phone, so additionally to sound quality noise reduction, linkage and management with the mobile phone is additionally terribly important.

In terms of connection, Honor Magic Earbuds / FlyPods 3 also supports the function of gap the lid and connecting immediately. Gap the lid getting ready to Huawei or Honor mobile phone, there’ll be a prompt to connect. After the affiliation is successful, it’ll also show the facility of the charging box and headphones, that is extremely convenient. once connecting to the phone, the operate of the telephone receiver may be set within the good Life APP.

On the Honor Magic Earbuds, a electrical phenomenon bit sensing global organizationit is added, which makes the capacitive style and operation additional sensitive and avoids the likelihood of sporting a hat or hair swinging. By touching each side of the headset, you’ll be able to management music playback, answer and droop up the phone, and decision a voice assistant. And long press the headset, it’s to control the noise reduction on and off. Within the intelligent life APP, it is adjusted consistent with the mode of operation that you simply are accustomed to.

In addition, the operate of the telephone receiver may be adjusted in the Bluetooth setting, together with intelligent wear detection. After we start the headset, the concert is mechanically paused, and when we wear it, it’ll still play, saving the difficulty of manual adjustment.


All in all, Honor Magic Earbuds / FlyPods 3 is an enormous surprise for us. Compared with the costly real wireless Bluetooth headset, the value of 129 euros brings us an expertise of quite two hundred euros, each in terms of sound quality and noise reduction. At constant time, the 4.5-hour battery lifetime of one headphone, let alone A battery life of up to fifteen hours of the charging box, primarily doesn’t have to be compelled to be recharged for per week if it’s used for commuting. In addition, including auto-connecting, bit operation, active noise cancellation, and different functions have additionally reached a comparatively high level within the industry.

As a brand new entrance for us to act with mobile phones and good homes, true wireless Bluetooth headsets can play a bigger role within the future. Such associate all-powerful true wireless Bluetooth telephone receiver is unquestionably the simplest alternative for children who pursue fashionable fashion.