Work from Dubai

Ever since the visa options for remote workers due to current pandemic have risen, there has been an equal increase in the residential options for digital employees. People are visiting Dubai due to the long hauls of their flights, and entrepreneurs are also on the lookout for places that are designed to give the necessary peace of mind, which can help them invest energy in their projects feasibly and submit them efficiently. Consider yourself fortunate, if you have been enticed to take your work with you to a mesmerizing place, for we have compiled a list of places with serene and work-friendly atmospheres with nearby villa for sale in Dubai.

Cafe Rider

Famous for its caffeinated aroma, Café rider provides a variety of options for all kinds of coffee lovers. Stepping inside café, one always feels themselves getting re-energized, due to the pervading aroma of roasting coffee beans. What, however, makes this café stand out among others is its huge tables that are featured over its mezzanine flooring, providing a perfect ambience for teamwork discussion, as well an ideal atmosphere for those who prefer to work in seclusion.

The Irish Village

Located just 10 minutes away from the airport, the Irish village is quintessential for workaholics to stop by while waiting for their flights. This relaxing place sells the best beer one can sip, all the while immersing themselves in their daily tasks.

A4 Space

This place is the haven for anyone whose work is an important part of their life. Loaded with books, board games and lots of charging outlets, A4 space ticks everything in the checklists of an average workaholic. The digital nomads are seen comfortably sitting around here with some even laying down either to change their posture or to relax after tirelessly working for hours. In addition to the foregoing, this place provides healthy salads and incredible coffee.

The Gourmet Deli Co.

If you are someone who has ever fantasized sitting on the top of a truck and working efficiently, then wait no more for Gourmet Deli Co. has an amazing double-decker food truck, where anyone is allowed to work from the top. This place is a go-to for people who want to escape the tense atmosphere of the office and de-stress themselves with a fantastic cup of coffee.

Friends Avenue Café

This Manhattan inspired café is a favorite among locals for its aura of creativity. It provides exemplary space for work and light-hearted chat along filling yourself with incredible food. Getting a villa for rent near this location provides its inhabitants with a luxury to enjoy their working hours. 

Clinton Street Baking

Are you someone who likes to binge eat while working?

Fortunately for people like you, Clinton Street baking has a quiet atmosphere for efficient remote working, along with a wide range of mouthwatering snacks. Famous for its pancakes and delicious burgers, this New Yorker style eatery allows its diners to stay calm while completing their tasks.

The Daily Rove Hotel

Getting a villa for rent in Dubai, close to the neighbourhood of this hotel is advantageous for early risers, as well as night owls, due to their long opening hours. This hotel further provides an extensive range of healthy food and excellent Wi-Fi connections.