How to Properly Choose a Capsule Coffee Maker

The first question we must ask ourselves is the following : What are the benefits of capsule coffee makers, if there are any?


The main advantage of capsule coffee makers is convenience.


They allow you to prepare a coffee at its point in a fast and clean way.


This is an advantage for people who fly to work every morning or for other people who do not want to complicate with the preparation of coffee, much less spend time cleaning the machine


Let’s analyze some of the factors to consider when buying a Capsule coffee Machine


Many say that the cost of the capsules is expensive, but in reality its use brings great savings for the consumer . Here are some of them:


1) In traditional coffee makers, when you leave the coffee maker on, the coffee tends to acquire a bitter taste and on the contrary, if you turn off the coffee maker, the coffee cools, losing part of its attributes. Many times this coffee is thrown away


2) Another important saving comes from the unused coffee that you try to preserve. Preservation of coffee is difficult, you need a fully sealed container that isolates the coffee from the outside air, and it usually spoils


3) Finally, a significant saving derives from the time spent cleaning the machine




This factor is very important. There are consumers who prefer espresso coffee and others who tend more to soluble drinks (coffees with milk, cappuccinos, chocolates)


If you are a lover of cappuccinos, chocolates, coffees with long milks , etc. , you should definitely choose a Sistema Tassimo or Sistema Dolce Gusto coffee maker.


The capsules have a considerable volume and contain up to 10 grams of ingredients.


As we already know, the Dolce System can use Original or Compatible Capsules .


In contrast, for Tassimo Coffee Makers, you can only use Tassimo Original Capsules


Nespresso capsules are not appropriate for this type of drink, since they can only contain up to a maximum of 5-6 grams of ground coffee, insufficient amount to prepare a good coffee with milk, chocolate or cappuccino


If you are in love with espresso we have several very interesting systems


Caffitaly . It is a system created in Italy, whose capsules incorporate a double filter that allows a better extraction of the ground coffee.


In the market you can find both capsules of National origin such as Stracto, and of Italian Import.


A very important advantage is the amount of ground coffee that the capsule contains, up to 8 grams


Lavazza A Modo Mio . Capsule System of the Multinational Lavazza. Although Compatible capsules are already available, it is always better to pay a little more and savor the original capsules with Cafe Lavazza


Nespresso : It is the best known system. I don’t particularly like this system since the capsule can only contain 5 grams of ground coffee, so you can only prepare ristrettos or espressos


However, I like the large number of Compatible capsules that have appeared on the market, which makes the nespresso system a versatile and inexpensive capsule system.



Most capsule coffee makers prepare the beverage in no time.


Some are somewhat faster than others, but practically the preparation time is very similar in all of them, so we will say that this factor is not decisive in choosing a capsule coffee maker.



This factor is important . Having a tank of sufficient size allows you to prepare several drinks at the same time without having to refill the water tank often. It is advisable that the tank has more than one liter.


However, if your daily consumption is two coffees a day , the water tank is not a determining factor, and you can opt for a small and more compact machine .


Another important factor is that the tank is removable since it allows you to fill directly from the tap without using a jug.


Some machines, only the best ones, alert you when the water level is reaching a limit



If you are not using filtered or bottled water, seriously consider purchasing a capsule machine with a built-in water filter.


The taste of coffee depends a lot on the quality of the water used.


In any case, regardless of whether you use filtered or mineral water, it is essential to descale the coffee maker every week with a suitable descaling product.



The simplest capsule machines normally cannot be adjusted to prepare longer or shorter drinks.


Either they are manual (you must stop the machine whenever you want) or they are automatic but with only one position.


If this factor is important to you, consider buying a high – end machine programming that incorporates different types of coffees, long, short, strong etc.




It is no secret that capsules use a much more complex packaging than coffee beans.


The recycling of the capsule is complicated and the packaging is usually made of much more polluting materials.


Try to use capsules made of materials that do not harm the environment or that guarantee proper recycling.


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