When to Hire a Plumber

When something goes wrong in your home and it is an emergency that can be an alarming thing to have to deal with. As well as the costs involved, you need to first find a plumber that comes out for these kinds of situations. Not all situations that call for a plumber are that kind of emergency though. Maybe you need help with a toilet installation, or putting in some fixtures or appliances, or doing a maintenance check on your hat water system. Here is a look at some of the things that qualify as an emergency call and some guidance on how to assess the situation so you do not needlessly pay the extra costs of an emergency plumber.

Situations that require a 24-hour emergency plumber

Several issues would require you to call in a professional as soon as possible. Things like;

  • If you have burst pipes
  • If your hot water system is leaking
  • If you need emergency tap replacement because they will not shut off and there is a risk of flooding
  • You have water stains on a ceiling or walls
  • If there is sewage coming up the drains
  • One of your appliances is leaking
  • The toilet is backed up and not flushing
  • Flooding in the bathroom, or any other room

Steps to take immediately yourself when facing a plumbing emergency

If you are faced with an emergency in the middle of the night there are some actions you can take to prevent further flooding or damage while you make a call to your emergency plumber. Try turning off any taps that are running or where the water is coming from. If it cannot be turned off then find the main water supply and turn off the supply coming into your home. You might then not even need to pay the double cost that is what an emergency plumber charges, you could leave everything alone, meaning not turning on the tap, the water or flushing the toilet. Then wait for your standard plumber. They might do a new toilet installation and fix it up for you.

If the problem is to do with the mainline that is something the water company will have to handle. Call them to make sure they know there is a problem and that someone is coming in to sort out in the next 24 hours. If the problem has not been solved by any of this, then you call the emergency plumber. Have 3 or 4 to consider and compare their charges and the services they offer as well as their reputation. You have a time constraint when it comes to finding an emergency plumber you can trust so do the best you can to find a reputable service. 


Usually, plumbing needs like a tap replacement is not an emergency and you can save money on the type of plumber you call in. When the need is not urgent you can also take longer to find a top professional.