Inquiry-based teaching

it is very important to learn how you should teach the students; whatever you teach is effective and through an appropriate method that will enable students to learn properly. However, for years, we have been continuing with the traditional teaching method without knowing that is it even effective or are students understanding it or not. Sometimes we are unaware that the students do not even get what the teacher is explaining because it is conventional. Students are not engaged in the learning process and students feel that they are not involved while being taught; students stop paying attention to what the teacher or professor is teaching.

Inquiry-Based Teaching

It is high time that teachers should change and bring modification in their teaching method which is more appropriate according to the present time and it is more interacting with the students so that students won’t feel left out and secondly, students won’t lose their attention. However, in today’s time, there is some kind of reform in the teaching approach, as now the teaching methods are to be shifted to the inquiry-based teaching way, which would incorporate the attention of students too. According to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), it is said that an inquiry-based approach is more successful and is more encouraging for the students to do brainstorming and think critically. However, it is said to more fruitful in achieving the goal of effective teaching.

Therefore It is proven that the pupil’s interest is increased in the study when they were taught through the inquiry-based learning method. However, it is sure that there is a various method of inquiry-based learning but on the other hand, those methods are not being implemented on a large scale. The reason behind it is that teachers are reluctant to learn this new method of teaching. They are insecure about adopting and practicing new teaching techniques because it is challenging for them to embrace it and then implement it on students.

The main purpose of the inquiry-based approach is to increase students’ curiosity to ask teachers more regarding the ongoing topic. It is really important that now teachers should deliver their lectures more informative way.

However, the advantage of implementing inquiry-based teaching method is that it will partially divide the responsibility of the teacher as the students will engage themselves in the class session so teacher have to put less effort in telling everything as students will also share their thoughts and perspective 

A teacher should keep in mind that making students cover the whole syllabus or the content should not be the main concern they should emphasize more on what and how much the students are learning and are they getting the concept that the teacher is trying to convey. assignment writing service uk an online resource to help you in your homework assignments; if at any point, you are unclear with the answers you got, you can contact our writers to help you write your assignments.


  1. Interaction: the fundamental requirement of inquiry-based learning Is that teacher makes the students interact. Teachers should be more open to what the students have to say so that they will feel encouraged by sharing their ideas and thoughts. Once the students will learn to interact it will be easy for them to speak up. Teachers should make sure that students’ curiosity is triggered. 
  2. Prepare yourself first:  teachers are advised to prepare themselves for the topic before start teaching so that when they discuss it with the students, they are well aware of the topic. When the teachers are well prepared, they will be more open to students’ thoughts and will not show their disagreement or rigidity.
  3. The technique of collaborating: Teachers should know that inquiry-based approach tends to be collaborative with the students. The teacher should apply the collaborating technique on the students by dividing them either into two groups or more then distribute and allocate each group with the topic related question and let them solve it. Let them work and prepare on the question so that they will come up with the supporting answer against the question and through this teacher will develop the skill of thinking critically in the students.
  4. Activities which are appropriate for age group: the approach of inquiry-based learning is suitable for all the age groups as it goes well along with every child age so that is not an issue, but the teachers need to keep in mind while preparing and assigning the activities that are they suitable for the students of so and so age group and does it goes along with the abilities of students of specific age which are learning. So here the responsibility is total of a teacher to ensure this thing else use of this approach will be not so beneficial 
  5. Constructing question, which is good: as the learning which is done through the method of inquiry-based is depending on the answering the questions, so here once again it is teacher or professor’s job to design such a strong question which is regarding and valid to the context of the lessons. Moreover, the teacher should make sure that the prepared questions are open-ended so it will enable students to think differently and out of the box. Even the teachers can take guidance from the other teachers, or they can take a workshop that would enhance their teaching capabilities.
  6. Integrating the discoveries in lessons: the teacher should never be rigid in accepting what students think; that is, the worst a teacher can do is to restrict the students in terms of ideas and concepts. So teachers should be given a chance to the student to find out things on their own, and this will let the teacher have an idea of what understanding the student has.
  7. Amalgamate technique of designing in the lessons: it is always proven that students learn the best when they can see the things physically, or they perform any kind of activity practically, so in both ways, they learn best. The approach of asking students to design is the most appropriate and useful, and this technique is used mostly for the science lessons, such as if teaching the students regarding the buoyancy so allow the students to construct the boat by the utilization of clay.


Kids today are very active and questionining. A tech must prepare themselves to be aware of all the facts and figures of the topic before teaching it to the students. Never tell a lie to the student and maintain your reputation in front of kids’ eye by maintaining daily answers.