How To Use Android Without Google? 

Recently, Google has been in and out of a lot of controversies. And the last one, was related to location tracking where we discovered that, even if we turn off the location button on our Android phones, Google would still be able to track us. And this was only recent times, Google has made a lot of such “mistakes” concerning our, data and trust. So, if you ever thought of removing Google from your smartphone, great! because you are not alone. Anyway the Samsung AR zone app is rocking if you don’t know about that please check what is AR zone app.

Today, I’llbe telling you some different ways to de-google your smartphone. I’ll also be talking about few alternatives for Google services, that you can easily use on your Android device so stay tuned till the end. Now, without any further ado, let’s get started Google might be big and strong but there are many ways to shun Google, from your Android device. We will start with the easiest one that is- Blinding Google It’s not a term, it’s just something that I came up with. 

Anyway, it basically means hiding yourself and your phone from Google. And yes, it can be a difficult task, not because it’s tough to hide from Google but because there are so many options, that need to be toggled off. So we’ll quickly discuss all of them, starting with Google tracking — For those who don’t know, Google by default,tracks our location, search queries, device, information et cetera. But, keep listening and you will be able to turn off all these settings. Also Read about roku overheating.

Just head over to your Android settings – then Google – Tap on your account And then go to data tab and toggle off all the options under Web and App activity. Here, you will notice how Google, pitches the grand idea of personalized experience. Now, I am not denying that the Google assistant isn’t great, or the web sync isn’t helpful. But the point of concern is what data sacrifices are we making on a continuous basis for these, so-called “personalized experiences”. 

Let’s take an example of your travels. Now google already knows your flight details and accommodation details, but where’s the full stop? In no time, you will start getting ads related to your whole travel itinerary. So if this data sacrifice, concerns you even a bit, then while you’re on the Google account page, don’t forget to clear all your Google activity. This will clear all your search data Google has on you. (hopefully) Since it’s about hiding from Google, I don’t think keeping the Google Sync enabled would be a wise choice, so let’s disable that too. For that, you’ll need to go to your Google account and toggle off all the apps and services The final step would be, getting rid of Google apps. 

Now, I know it can be tough for many of you, because apps like Google assistant and google chrome, are the daily drivers. But let’s face it, Android without google simply cannot happen, if Google apps are not done with. So, you can uninstall or disable google apps,depending upon the device. Now, this is the point, where Google draws the line because there are many phones don’t let you remove Google apps in any manner. Basically, at this point, Google apps turn into bloatware – A term coined for pre-installed apps that cannot be removed from the phone, through standard ways. 

Moving on to a bit severe step that you can follow for removing Google or Google apps, basically anything you want out of the device. That is Rooting Android. Now, rooting is fun for people who know about it and a disaster for those who don’t. 

The fun part includes messing with apps, whichin our case are the Google apps, installing different Android flavors aka custom ROM and more. The disaster part of it is that it can also do some irreversible damages. For one, if rooting steps are not followed precisely, it may brick your phone. Not to mention the fact that rooting smartphones immediately void your device warranty. But If you ready to take the risks involved,then you can use this step to remove Google from your smartphone. 

I have mentioned some good links on rooting, in the description below. If rooting is a bit too much, then let’s talk about our last method to remove Google from your device that is resetting it. Now, I know resetting android phone can be a bit of a pain, especially when using Google Backup is simply out of the question. But as an alternative, there are hundreds of backup apps on Play Store that do the same thing as Google backup so you can use the minstead. 

Coming back to resetting the device, one you do that just make sure you untick the Google services which device asks at the beginning. Otherwise, you will again have to deal with disabling all the google services. Also, the google apps will still be there,so you will have to remove them manually. So this was all about eradicating google from your life. It doesn’t matter if you reset the device,root it or simply turn off the Google services. Just make sure you have some good Google alternatives in place. 

here is a quick list of Google alternatives that I like to use – For Google Play Store, I would recommend Apkmirror. It has millions of apps on the platform and doesn’t require your Google sign up. The only problem with Apk mirror is that itsa website so whenever you’ll need to download an app, you will have to use the browser. And don’t go and start using the Google browser. Instead, I would say you should install the Tor browser. It is one of the best browsers when it comes to data security. 

As for Google search, Duck Duck Go is one of the best alternatives in my opinion. It doesn’t track your search queries and especially,doesn’t give your data to advertisers. For other Google services like Google maps,assistant, etc. There are hundreds of apps available on Apkmirror. By the way, F-droid is also a good choice as a Google Play Store alternative. I would advise you to look for Google alternatives before hand otherwise, searching for good apps will get real tiresome. So this was all about how to remove Google from your smartphone.