How To Make Names For Character’s

Think about what these names mean? What do they represent and then if that fits your character give out to the character? I’m on a journey to create the greatest movie experience in the world while I’m carving out my filmmaking Entrepreneurial path I want to help you create yours Let’s make some movies Hello everyone James Martin here. I’m here to help filmmakers to succeed in their career and to make better movies today It’s all about how to create better names for your stories And for your movies names can be very very tricky because all the times You can just try and come up with a name and just it doesn’t fit. Also Read: Chocobo Names

It doesn’t feel right and trust me I know all about this And so that’s why I’ve come up with several different tips that can help you improve how to choose the right name For your characters. All right, and keep in mind when I give you these suggestions. These are for more everyday movies whether they’re in Today or 10 years from now or if it’s not only in the Western civilization, but in other continents off the world So this is not a article regarding fantasy or sci-fi or even very old You know time periods if you want any advice on that, please let me know down in the comments This is more of if you have a movie that’s taking place nowadays It’s more present time or maybe even in the future a little bit. 

So let’s get started. So Tip number one we have to look at. What is your character? Like? yes, I know it can be a pain in the butt when I keep saying – you’ve got to figure out this characters but really It does help and here’s an extra suggestion when you’re coming out with your character names and instead of referring to them as man Or figure 1 or person 1 or something random and you want just a tangible name just to refer back to them You can give them one of her name you want the idea is this is a placeholder Placeholders are fine but just keep in mind that the purpose of a Placeholder is just so you have something that you could reference with the intention that you’re going to change the name later on Thank you. Also Read: Rogue Names

Mind changes go through drafts. Just like your script alright So chances are if you choose on name for your character now You might end up changing it later on and that’s totally fine it just means that you’re getting better and better and you’re getting more acquainted with your character and really Developing who that character is. What’s their personality like what are their traits? Like what’s their background? What’s their theme what’s their style? What’s their journey? Because a man can actually reflect that part of them, right? 

Maybe you want your character to seem kind of big and mean well You can choose a name specifically for that or maybe your character is a nerd, right? Like it’s very popular to have Bob Steve Joe These are more meant for like nerdy characters figure out what your character is. First. The second thing that’s extremely Important to figure out is what’s the culture now again? If you’re in the Western civilization, like maybe we’re in Canada the United States Chances are that the character names aren’t really going to play much of an issue However, if you’re on all their places on the globe, then you got to keep in mind. 

What are those characters like All right, and keep in mind that other cultures don’t think the same way we do when it comes to names, right? I’ll give you an example if you have a character, that’s said in Asia and they’re Chinese I know for a fact because I’ve studied Chinese Their names are actually backwards. So for us we might have a first name and a last name, right James Martin Right or John Smith in China. It’s reversed So my name would technically be Martin James, right? so if you have a character and let’s say her first name is Chang and her last name is Ma Right. You’re not gonna say Ching ma You’re gonna say ma Ching the last name first and the first name last machi. 

Not the other way around You also have to keep in mind about what are the typical names in that? Country, right and I understand that in the Western civilization. We tend to pull names from all sorts of different backgrounds, but again, if you’re let’s say It’s more Indian names. They’re not going to choose American or Canadian names, right? If you’re in Germany, they’re gonna choose German names England it’s sort of in the West civilization, but I can find more names that are in the roots of English Right John Richard. 

Those are very English names in Australia Nigel Steve Those are more towards the Australian side right and just make sure you keep an eye on the culture Keep an eye on the name. Make sure you’re pronouncing the names correctly That’s a big one and tip number three go – baby sights. This is huge It’s really really popular and keep in mind that you’re trying to name a character Well, there are thousands of parents everywhere who are trying to name their own children They’ll give you names based on you know, the gender male or female They’ll let you know in alphabetical order. 

They’ll let you know that your originality whether it’s a Spanish name Chinese Irish German, etc Right. It also show you the the meaning of that name, right? So for instance, you might want to think about using Sarah as a ra H Well, Sarah actually means princess so that might play a significant part in your storytelling Sometimes it even has a bit of a backstory search up these babies sites and a lot of times you can even search up Baby sites for different countries, right Spanish baby names Irish baby names Indian baby names, etc Etc etc, and it’ll give you those names It might even help you figure out the pronunciation and then you can sort of go from there. 

Here’s an extra tip This is something I love doing, which is when you’re looking for a name when you’re looking at these baby sites It’s searching up a name. Think about what these names mean? What do they represent? And then if that fits your character give out to the character again Like I find that in Western civilization in time names are sometimes maybe the hardest because there’s tens of millions of different choices Right, in other areas. 

It’s a little more specific and so it can narrow down the search a lot more But search up what does the baby names actually mean again, I gave you an example Sarah sa RA H means princess So maybe you’re going to give that to a woman that has maybe a higher Stature right from a high class family or maybe want to give it to a female lead Who’s meant to become sort of treated? Well, right, so there’s all sorts of different ways you can play around with this but I love searching up names and Finding their meaning and then attaching back to a character It also adds a little bit of depth and just something fun later on.