How to Hide Instagram Activity?

The only way to hide Instagram activities was to change the status of your account, setting it as private: this solution only allowed its followers to view published posts, likes and comments released while browsing the platform. Also thanks to this status, the likes were no longer visible in the “Activity” feed. The alternative was to directly block those users who comment too much or with offensive phrases and therefore did not have to see the activities on the social network .

However, with the latest update,  Instagram  has removed the “Follow Already” feature, making it virtually impossible to  see the activity of followed users . Accessible from a little heart at the bottom right, this section was unknown to most who use the social network without double ends.

If until some time ago Instagram allowed its users to consult the last access and the activities of our followers. The platform has recently decided to reverse course and permanently remove the “Follow-up” section after 8 years. This feature allowed you to spy on and check the likes and comments posted by our followers within the social network. This feature was originally introduced in 2011 to allow users to discover new content.

The old procedure for hiding activities on Instagram

The procedure was very simple: just open the social network and select ” options ” from the menu at the top right . Once you opened the screen with all the functions listed. Scrolling down, you had to click on ” Settings ” and immediately after on the item ” Show activity status “.

So to deactivate it, it was enough to click on the blue button in order to have more privacy when using Instagram . Obviously, by hiding the logins and activities through this simple procedure, it was no longer possible to see even the activity of your followers. Thanks to the “Follow up” section it was possible to monitor and control every activity carried out on the platform. It was possible to see the likes placed on one or more posts by our followers. Users who were added or followed from time to time, and likes placed on individual comments.

It was a real control tool, to understand what were the favorite contents of their followers. In addition to this, comments and other interactions were also highlighted. However, as indicated by Instagram itself, this function is now obsolete and not used much by users. Many were unaware that they could monitor the activities of their followers or that they could be spied on by other users. The new IG update was created to ensure its users a greater level of privacy.

How to hide activities on Instagram with the latest Instagram update?

But at the same time, it was a simply indispensable section for all those who use the social network to spy on their partner’s activities or the likes and comments left by friends or acquaintances. This is an important step forward to avoid cases of stalking and bullying and to generally safeguard the privacy of its users, avoiding letting everyone know when and how to use the application.

Not letting other users know about your Instagram activities is one of the fundamental measures if you want to protect your privacy on Instagram. One of the lesser known features that allows you to become even more invisible on the platform is that which allows you to hide your online status. Whenever a user is on the Instagram Direct messaging page or in the ” Send to ” section when they are uploading a Story, they are faced with a list of users. Among these, some are flanked by the word ” Active now ” with a green dot next to it, others are not.

The first are the users who are online at that moment. In this way he will be able to know the last access made on Instagram: the approximate time of the last access is reported. The procedure to hide the status on Instagram is very simple and requires only a few steps: with an Android device just open the Settings menu  ,  click on” Show activity status ” and disable. Those who have an iOS device, on the other hand, must open the ” Options”  and click first on the item ” Privacy and Security ” and then on ” Show activity status “.

What happens when you deactivate the status

When the status on Instagram is deactivated, there are three direct consequences: the first is obviously the fact that no user is able to know when one is online; the second is that the last access is deleted; the third is that it is no longer possible to know which users are online at that moment. So by deactivating the online status on Instagram, it is true that it increases your privacy, but at the same time it will not be possible to know if another user is currently online or when they last logged in .

After instagram removed the “follow” feature, it became impossible to spy on and control your followers. So hiding activities on Instagram has made it difficult to control which posts our friends like . Who didn’t like spying on friends and followers on Instagram? The follow function has always been a very useful method for controlling who you like, comments and other interactions. This section, therefore, is undergoing more and more decline, going to disappear.

Also this time, the social network team is thinking as much as possible to protect the privacy of its users. If you don’t want to be spied on, you can decide to hide the activity status on Instagram thanks to our tips. What you need to do first is launch the Instagram app first .Of course, our advice applies whether you have an iOS or Android smartphone.

Hide activities on Instagram with Android

Let’s first tap on the menu to access our profile, and then a further tap on the three dots at the top right. From here, then, another menu will open that we should scroll down to view the status of the activities . All you have to do is place this item on Off, and then move the key to the left so that it becomes gray.

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Or you can decide to hide activities on Instagram, simply by making your account private. Do you want only some people to see your Instagram profile? Then all you have to do is make your profile private by accessing the options menu at the top right .

By activating the “private account” option, which you will find at the bottom, only authorized followers will be able to see and comment on the photos. Anyone wishing to follow you must send you a request.

Hide for one user only: block it

Some users leave offensive sentences? With Instagram it is possible to protect your privacy, to block a person you just have to go to his profile, access the menu, enter the options and choose the item block . So this will no longer be able to comment or see your content. Furthermore, you can decide to preserve your content through watermarks. These are transparent writings that apply to photos. With this method, you can protect your images from unauthorized use. So a watermark is useful for your safety, as it represents a kind of copyright.

Instagram is now an increasingly used social network and there are millions of active accounts every day as well as the shared content of users. Its success is due to the immediacy of use and the fact that it is possible to share one’s emotions through photos and videos. These are content highly appreciated by web lovers. Precisely for this reason, the platform offers you the possibility to choose whether or not to show the activities you perform on the social network.

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