Subtle and Warming Green Plants That You Can Gift To Your Precious Ones

With the celebrations doing waves ahead, we all know that there’s a lot we’re trying to do on those days to surprise our family and friends. Flowers, cakes, and flowers again! It’s annoying to constantly repeat the same presents every time. That’s why we’ve come up with some great stuff that you can’t just give to your loved ones on the sweetest of times. Now you can send plants online to your loved ones and make sure to blow off their minds with these amazing gifts. You will be amazed to know that these have been the best surprises that your loved ones will ever think of.


Seeing the latest fascination with plants as a gift, we’ve come up with some lovely green plants that you can surely give to your nearest and dearest ones on the next special event. So, hurry it up and then go through the list of plants that you can buy for your loved one from online retailers.


Money Plant

Money plant is also known as Golden Pothos and is one of the most popular plants that can preferably be the best indoor plants. It is one of the safest houseplants to disinfect the climate. This fast-growing plant is capable of extracting toxins from the air that surrounds us. They are commonly used for indoor beauty and can be used as hanging plants in the pot.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very much known for its medicinal and beauty benefits. People use these on sunburn patches and red rashes. Not only this, people can now drink Aloe Vera juices by making them at home. Due to their high medicinal value, you can now buy plants online and surprise your mommy or daddy with it. We bet that they are going to make the best use of your Aloe Vera. 


Pothos Ivy

If your partner is a nature lover, you might already know what their preferred plants might be. Although if your partner works in a workplace and has never shown signs of a green thumb, then perhaps pothos ivy is a wise idea. They are easy to maintain, they can grow properly in low lighting, and they brighten up the decoration of the office area. 



There are very few colorful vibrant plants that can grow with the least care and maintenance. You can now get this Amaryllis which is filled with lots of beauty and serenity. There is this amazing plant which has colorful flowers on it which look very beautiful. They take almost six to seven weeks to bloom properly. This one is very beautiful and we bet that you are going to love it for sure. 


Snake Plant

This mother-in-law’s tongue is certainly going to add a lot of elements to the interior of your house. You can now get this amazing succulent from an online store and grow it inside your house also. They can grow up to 6 inches to several feet. They play a very important role in filtering the indoor air and can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night. Not only this, but it also helps in removing the toxic particles from the air.


Peace Lily

This one is a very beautiful air purifying plant which will do a lot on Diwali and yes we can certainly say that seeing its entire history. This one has the potential to absorb formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide gases from the air. Also, it is very easy to take care of the very delicate peace lily. 


So, here were some amazing beauties that you can now order online for your dearies who stay away from you on the next special occasion, be it Diwali or Christmas. You can now order indoor plants online from the best seller and we bet that you are going to be in love with these. Also, now you can get them in beautiful pots so that your loved ones can now decorate them inside the house. There is nothing else that can be better than these plants when it comes to gifting.