Grow Your Business During Difficult Times Using These Helpful Tips

The worldwide pandemic has caused a lot of issues for business owners throughout the world. From restaurants forced to shut down due to lockdowns, to some brick and mortar businesses being forced to pivot to online only.


It’s become difficult for many to stay above water, and those that have managed to remain in business are constantly looking for ways to keep business coming in. While it has been a struggle for many, some businesses have seen a huge spike in sales.


How? They got creative, made pivots, and adapted to the way the world changed. Now, this isn’t to say things won’t return to normal, but it appears to be a way down the line. So, in an effort to help you keep your business running smoothly during this crisis, we have put together some valuable tips.


More Personal Direct Marketing: Email marketing has always been effective, but now more than ever you can leverage it and experience great results. Why? Well, with most people at home the majority of the day due to offices being closed and companies moving to a remote setup, it means people are in front of their computer more. Also, with lockdowns, consumers aren’t going out in the evening so you can easily capture their attention with a perfectly timed email. Early mornings and early evenings are the current sweet spots.


Show Compassion: This situation isn’t easy for many, and with so many people experiencing loss, it can be a very emotional time. Showing a little compassion and understanding can go along way. Something as simple as an email signature along the lines of this goes a long way: “We are wishing you and your family well during these difficult times. We are all in this together.” This makes your business feel more human and personal.


Offer Discounts: Difficult times due to layoffs and salary cuts mean that consumers have less disposable income. You can either do nothing and watch sales drop, or you can offer discounts and deals, which bring attention to your business and the revenue coming in. You have to adapt or risk devastating drops in sales. 


Pivot to Offer Add-Ons: When clothing manufacturers slowed down they pivoted to start making masks. When alcohol distilleries slowed down they started to make hand sanitizer. Not only did this keep them in business, but many businesses saw an increase in sales volume and had to hire more help because of these strategic pivots. Always be looking for new opportunities, and not just when we are faced with a pandemic.


Are you still craving some business growth tips? Don’t worry, we have you covered. The infographic below features helpful information from ten business experts that you can apply to your own business. Even in these hard times, there are ways to flourish and grow your business.


Read through their suggestions and identify the ones that show the greatest promise for your specific business and industry. Take the time to implement them correctly and you can experience successful growth, even during a global pandemic.


Infographic by Hustler Alliance.